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The largest independent agricultural cooperative in Illinois, The Equity offers a broad range of products to fulfill our customers needs.

In 1919, a group of forward thinking farmers saw that by joining together in a group, the group would have greater buying power than each farmer had individually. The original charter of Effingham Equity Cooperative Union Exchange listed 53 members.

A series of expansions to the Effingham location began in the 1950s, and various other facilities were acquired over the years. Today, there are 18 locations covering an area of south-central Illinois that encompasses 20,000 square miles.

While The Equity has grown and developed greatly during the past years, one constant remains – the focus on agriculture. Today, as in 1919, The Equity’s main purpose is to help its members obtain the goods and services they need to farm as efficiently and profitably as possible. The concept of cooperation is a tested form of business organization that has survived wars, depressions, inter-generational transitions and changes in government. Lessons have been learned through both the school of hard knocks and through research to find what works and what doesn’t in practical applications. The Equity’s challenge for the future is to test its limits to assure that it does the best possible job for its patrons. Everyone at The Equity seeks continual improvement and development to fulfill the changing needs of its customers.


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